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Stories In Progress

Novella: Werewolf Porn (M/F, gothic)

When I mentioned my desire to write true werewolves to my friend, who’s gay, her eyes lit up.  ‘Do that! Can I cast my vote more than once?’  I asked, ‘does it matter if one of the characters is a dude?’ since, you know, she don’t like dudes that way.  But I think the wolfiness trumps the dick.

Since she’s my computer tech, she gets priority… just last week my hard drive was acting up, and she came to my house with her toolbelt, extra drive, and cables like a paramedic.

Where am I with this?

Folks, Ace has learned a valuable lesson.  To outline.  Especially since I’m in unfamiliar water here.  I’m working out the kinks (and putting some more in, heh heh) before I write the draft.

Short Story: Renaissance Faire (M/M, humor?)

Ah, the faire, where Ace & company go for people-watching and, if it’s cool enough, to wear leather pants in public without getting side-eyed.

Where am I with this?

This is going to be a 10k-ish short story that is currently in draft form, being revised to be slightly less trolly (a difficult task.)

Marie Kondo-ing: Band Tour Romance (M/M, ?, vanilla)

Ok. This was a fairly tame M/M, and it’s half-outline, half-draft.  The thing is, it’s not weird enough for me.  It’s, like, super vanilla and angsty with forbidden band romance.  There aren’t any paranormal elements or trolly bits or left-field stuff.  So… wtf?  Do I turn them all into demon hunters who charge up their power by sleeping with each other?  IDK.