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Stallion Mage 3 is Done

I… just can’t believe it. The whole thing is done. I wrote and edited (sort of) a 125k word fantasy story that was really out there. Before this, the only thing I did was strange net porn, so it was a big step for this slightly tattered playing card.

Reviews have been very kind. I know I’ve got a lot to learn, even as a hobby writer.

As new mates, Alvarr and Laren grow closer, and when Alvarr shares the secret of his pregnancy with the stallion leader, Laren reacts with joy… but also with worry. Winter has taken hold of their land and shows no signs of stopping. The stallion shifters have less and less to eat, even when Alvarr’s earth magic is able to provide some sustenance.

They also have different ideas about the future. As a mage close to Nature, Alvarr knows the answer is to bring the tribes together, but he doesn’t want to challenge Laren’s leadership, nor burden him with the impossible task of making the other stallions follow him.

But as these questions loom over them, the biggest remains. How will Alvarr give birth to a baby? In the absence of healers and mares, there is no one to provide guidance through this unknown event.

The whole thing is on KU, and I’m going to put all the books together into one, when I figure out how.

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