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Stallion Mage: Revision for Amazon 1/3 Complete!

I have revised the first part of Stallion Mage for Amazon.  It’ll be in Kindle Unlimited so mpreg-curious people can check it out without having to buy it.  The story’s first draft is 125,000 words – I don’t think it’ll get much longer than that.  Mostly, I’m fixing the confusing and made-up world and magic system.

My plan is to put out the story in 3 parts of about 40,000 words each.  And then make a paperback of all the parts put together?  I don’t know how to do that, but people have figured it out, and I will, too.

I am seeing a cover that my friend did for me and will post it here (and on Wattpad.) Once that’s up, I’m going to focus on finishing small projects and getting set up for the next novel or series, which you will get to vote on.

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