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AO SPADE’s Weird Romance, Fantasy, And Erotica Stories

I write romance (and fantasy and erotica) based on reader prompts. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure for me, which makes it interesting. Mpreg horse shifters, F/F/M with mermaids, boy band romance, it’s all good fun.

It also tends to be quite porny because that’s what my friends are like (NSFW link right there.)

I post my stories here, on Wattpad, and I’m starting to post other more genre-specific places like Royal Road, when it applies. 


I post first versions of stories on Wattpad, chapter by chapter.  This is really fun and lets me get the story out fast.  The comments are often as entertaining as the story, at least for me.


There are more benefits to Patreon than giving the thumbs up to weird porn creative romance.  Patrons get chapters 24 hours in advance (or more…)  Patrons will also get the finished, edited books and stories in downloadable formats.

If you want to support what I do and add to my Game Design Fund, become a patron.


This is what I’m doing in my immediate writing future.

  1. Writing a contemporary M/M band romance novel.
  2. Fixing a gothic werewolf novella.  It won’t really be romance because it’s too short for that, but there will be weird sex in it.  Awooooo!
  3. Outlining a LONG dark fantasy magical assassin princess series which may or may not be romantic / erotic, but it WILL BE VIOLENT.


You can always write me at  My inbox is open.